Get Unique Permissions on a shared Folder

I was assisting a wise bearded, bespectacled, beer brewing, bugger the other day (lets call him Burko) with a common IT problem of identifying unique permissions on a shared folder. Much like Burko himself, the folder appeared to be in a dodgy state, most likely due to cancel being clicked when permissions were being propagated, because it takes so long. If it takes longer than 2 minutes, it’s just not worth doing, pretty sure I saw that on a motivational poster somewhere.

Given the ridiculous amount of sub-folders from years of uncontrolled sprawl, I was tempted to have Burko do it all manually just to test his sanity. But being the top guy I am, I got stuck into a bit of PowerShell to better manage the process more accurately. That and I couldn’t help myself.

So without further ado (did you know that comes from Shakespeare, man I am so cultured!), here it is!

An example of this running is as follows:

Hopefully this is of use to someone!

Questions, comments, abuse are always welcome. Don’t ask about beer brewing though, I’ve been asking for years to no avail.

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